Project Duration
3 Weeks
Tools Used
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Gumlet is an innovative content delivery network (CDN) that helps websites deliver optimized images to their visitors. Founded in 2017, Gumlet is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has customers worldwide. The company was started with the goal of solving the problem of slow-loading images on websites, which can lead to a poor user experience and negatively impact search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Gumlet's solution is to provide a CDN that automatically optimizes images on the fly, delivering them in the most efficient format and size for each user's device and browser. Gumlet's CDN is powered by a combination of machine learning algorithms and a global network of servers.
User experience User Research Prototype User experience User Research Prototype
What We Did.
Key activities and milestones undertaken during the project
As a UX design agency, we had the opportunity to work with Gumlet to help them improve their user experience and redesign their CMS system. We began by conducting research to gain insights into the needs and pain points of Gumlet's target users. Through user interviews, surveys, and analytics data, we were able to create detailed user personas and user journey maps that guided the design process. Using these personas and journey maps, we were able to identify areas for improvement in Gumlet's existing CMS system. We worked closely with the Gumlet team to develop a new design for their CMS system that would be more intuitive and user-friendly. We created wireframes and prototypes of the new design and tested them with users to gather feedback and make improvements. In addition to the CMS redesign, we also provided Gumlet with high-quality web graphics that improved the overall look and feel of their website. These graphics were designed to be visually appealing and to reinforce the brand identity of Gumlet.
Why We Did.
Exploring the motivations and objectives behind our design decisions
Outdated Design
Revamping outdated design for Gumlet's CMS, delivering a fresh and engaging digital presence aligned with modern user expectations.
Poor UX
Improved CMS experience with intuitive interface, simplified navigation, & efficient content management for increased productivity & user satisfaction.
Aligned design changes and UX improvements with Gumlet's objectives of enhancing brand perception, increasing user engagement, and streamlining content management.
Brand Enhancement
Optimized CMS performance with design and UX enhancements, addressing slow loading times and compatibility issues. Improved productivity, user satisfaction, and reduced frustration.
The Outcomes.
Driving transformative outcomes that elevate business performance and delight users
Our streamlined CMS interface with intuitive navigation and simplified workflows resulted in improved user satisfaction. Optimized content management processes facilitated efficient operations, saving time and effort for Gumlet's users. Through our modern UI design and customized graphics, we created a visually appealing and cohesive digital presence for Gumlet. Consistent layout, typography, and color usage enhanced usability, while eye-catching visuals strengthened brand recognition and engagement.
User Persona.
Unveiling User Insights: Crafting Tailored Experiences for Maximum Engagement
With Gumlet's image and video optimization, I can deliver high-quality media content that loads quickly and enhances the user experience.
Business Woman
I am a content creator who relies on visual storytelling to capture his audience's attention. With Gumlet, John can optimize his images and videos for faster loading times and improved user experience
Content Writer
Information Architecture.
Navigating a Seamless Digital Landscape for Enhanced User Experiences
Visualizing the blueprint of digital experiences, wireframes streamline design and functionality for optimal user interactions
Font Matters Everywhere.
Captivating font styles that enhance the visual allure and bring your content to life.
Color Palette.
Captivating colors that create an eye-catching and visually stunning experience.
Web Graphics.
Transforming Digital Spaces with Captivating Web Graphics
The Result.
What we achieved from this project
By optimizing Gumlet's CMS system, we successfully enhanced the overall user experience. Intuitive navigation, simplified workflows, and streamlined content management processes led to increased user satisfaction and productivity. Our design changes and visually captivating web graphics aligned with Gumlet's brand identity, resulting in a more polished and professional digital presence. This, in turn, elevated the brand perception, leaving a lasting impression on users. Through personalized experiences, targeted interactions, and a visually appealing interface, we achieved higher user engagement. Tailored content delivery, combined with captivating web graphics, captured users' attention and fostered stronger connections with the Gumlet brand.
Client Words Matter.
Words That Speak Volumes. Discover What Our Valued Clients Say About Our Exceptional Work.
Working with Dcycle Design Studio was incredible. Their expertise in web design surpassed our expectations. They crafted a stunning website that perfectly captured our brand identity. The attention to detail and user-centric approach created an intuitive, engaging experience. Dcycle's professionalism, prompt communication, and exceptional quality of work make them highly recommended for top-notch web design services.
Divyesh Patel
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